I received this announcement from Turner Classic Movies about a retrospective series in June about Asian stereotypes in Hollywood movies:

Turner Classic Movies presents “Race & Hollywood: Asian Images in Film”

This is a groundbreaking festival of 37 films examining the portrayal of Asians in classic movies. The festival is co-hosted by Robert Osborne (TCM’s primetime host) and Dr. Peter X Feng, an associate professor of film, ethnic and cultural studies at the University of Delaware and expert on Asian American film.

Asian Images in Film will feature interviews from some of the most notable Asian actors, actresses and directors in the industry including George Takei, Elaine Mae Woo, Wayne Wang and Ming Wen. Films shown range from the silent era (1899) through modern films (2001) and include The Dragon Seed, Bridge to the Sun, Shanghai Express, Enter the Dragon and Joy Luck Club.

For a full schedule, video clips, photo gallery, articles and more; go to www.tcm.com/aif

Race and Hollywood : Asian Images in Film premieres Tuesday, June 3rd at 8pm and will continue every Tuesday and Thursday in June on Turner Classic Movies.

Unfortunately I don’t get Turner Classic Movies so I won’t be able to tune in, but from the looks of it, it sounds like it should be a very interesting and worthwhile series. I commend TCM for putting this on and just as important, for collaborating with an Asian American media expert such as Prof. Peter X Feng to provide the necessary context and perspective.