Archive: Jul 2009

Newsweek follows up on an earlier story of sex offenders forced to live under a bridge in Miami’s Biscayne Bay. Local residency restrictions bar them from living within 2,500 feet of any place where children might gather, which effectively kept them from living anywhere else in the city. To comply with the conditions of their release, however, registered sex offenders must list an address where a P.O. can quickly find them, which put them on a concrete slab beneath the Julia Tuttle Causeway.

The Newsweek site offers some new video interviews with people subject to the restrictions and with experts who’ve written on the subject. I’m reposting the original CNN report below, since folks who haven’t followed the story will probably need to see it to believe it.

mussehlA bartender learns a thing or two about conflict after three or four decades on the job. The Star-Tribune offers this gem from Mikey Mussehl of Nye’s:

“When guys come in and you know they’re just looking to get in fights, I go into the kitchen and get some onion rings and fries and give ’em to the guy. As soon as they bite into their second onion ring, they’re thinking of ways to go home. That grease puts ’em right to sleep.”

Food for thought, I suppose, as President Obama sits down for his beer with Officer Crowley and Professor Gates.