Hipster Fashion Cycle | Emily Miethner
Hipster Fashion Cycle | Emily Miethner

What works

Compare this graphic to the post via Wired about new data-mining research methods shortening the time to market for new drugs. Both employ a more or less circular timeline. This one works because it is meant to discuss a proper cycle – the same hat is seen through a sort of fashion kaleidoscope of attitudes but the hat doesn’t change and the attitudes follow a more or less predictable pattern that is cyclical, not linear.

What needs work

I was expecting more hipster sensibility in the graphic – maybe a discussion about the ironic use of emoticons. The oblique reference to trucker hats didn’t quite do it for me because I spent the whole time wondering if I was wrong about trucker hats and she really meant fedoras. A bit of hipster fashion signposting would have been useful. For example, are super skinny jeans for young men mainstream cool or ironically cool or not at all cool any more among hipsters?


Miethner, Emily. (28 June 2010) Hipster Fashion Cycle. Courtesy of flavorpill via notcot.