United States Literacy Rates - National Assessment of Adult Literacy
United States Literacy Rates - National Assessment of Adult Literacy

The key

Number of Adults in Each Prose Literacy Level

Prose Literacy

* Below Basic:
o no more than the most simple and concrete literacy skills
* Basic:
o can perform simple and everyday literacy activities
* Intermediate:
o can perform moderately challenging literacy activities
* Proficient:
o can perform complex and challenging literacy activities

What works

This is a simple way to do a bar graph when all of your bars will add up to 100%. Just think: they could have laid this information out in a standard bar graph with a separate bar for each level of literacy. This way, it’s easier to see that all these parts add up to a whole population.

It is alarming that there are more people ‘below basic’ than ‘proficient’ especially in the increasingly text-based world we live in. Emails and chat clients have replaced many phone calls which is especially critical for workers. (I wonder if on a per-communication basis it costs more to use the phone. Anyone seen data?)

What needs work

I would have tried to get the categories labeled within the graphic itself. Referring to a bulleted list is a bit cumbersome. On the other hand, I appreciate the desire to thoroughly describe what each categorical label actually means, and it would have been hard to elegantly place all those words into the graphic.


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