Happy Friday! This week we’ve got new pieces on how families talk about race (or don’t), what happens when fathers who are primary caregivers go to prison, and why diversity in Hollywood pays off.

There’s Research on That!:

Fashioning Fashion, Creating Couture Part II,” by Sarah Catherine Billups. As a follow-up to part I from last week, we compiled social science research on the ways fashion matters for inequality and identity.


Families Talk about Race (or Don’t),” by Lucas Lynch. New research in Ethnic and Racial Studies finds that White families lack either the willingness or the ability to talk about race.

Incarcerating Fatherhood” by Isabel Arriagada. New research in Punishment & Society finds that for men serving as primary caregivers before entering prison, fatherhood is a difficult identity to maintain while incarcerated.


Hollywood Diversity Pays Off,” by Nahrissa Rush. NPR reviews Darnell Hunt‘s Hollywood Diversity Report that shows how racial diversity can lead to big payoffs in the entertainment industry.

Understanding Resentment in Rural America,” by Jasmine Syed. Vox talks to  Robert Wuthnow about resentment in predominantly White, rural towns in the United States.

From Our Partners:

Sociological Images:

What Makes Prejudice Trend on Twitter?” by Brooke Chambers.

Council on Contemporary Families:

Here Comes Arielle Kuperberg,” by Virginia Rutter.

Social Studies MN:

Politics, Public Discourse and the Press,” by Allison J. Steinke.

And a Few from the Community Pages:

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