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Mason Jones published a new Discovery, Gender Differences For Medical Student Evaluations, from research by Laura K. Nelson in the American Sociological Review. This study found that women doctors are more likely than men to provide written feedback to medical students, indicating that women do more nurturing work that is crucial yet often unrewarded, contributing to the gender pay gap.

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  • President Biden announced new border policies today, impacting federal immigration – but also between states. Read Ghazah Abbasi’s piece, The Border is a Budget, showing how both Democratic and Republican administrations in the U.S. consistently funding immigration enforcement despite differing rhetoric.
  • Summer is starting for many kids around the United States, adding additional responsibilities to parents. Screen time is a common activity that parents use, but these digital activities often bring judgment against parents who allow generous amounts of screen time. However, some parents have little choice and must rely on digital options – check out this piece by Amy August to learn more: Screen Time in Summer Time.

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