New & Noteworthy

Our latest ‘There’s Research on That’, War on Women on the Web by S Ericson and Caroline Garland, covers some of the research on the manosphere. These groups vary in their approaches, with some outright attacking women and others using pseudoscience to back their arguments against women.

This week Clippings covers Josh Greenberg‘s article for The Conversation on the resurgence of the vinyl LP, Chizuko Ueno named as one of the 100 most influential people of 2024 by Time Magazine,  Darnell Hunt and Camille Charles in SRN News on how O.J. Simpson’s trial still reflects the realities of racial divisions in America, Ashley Mears in Jacobin on her new book Very Important People: Status and Beauty in the Global Party Circuit, and Artūras Tereškinas in an LRT article about the Eurovision Song Contest and how Lithuanians react to their representatives.

From the Archives

Students across the U.S. continue to organize and protest for Palestine, with 9 arrested at the University of Minnesota today. Read out ‘There’s Research on That’ When Youth Become Activists by Amber Joy Powell to learn about the role that students and youths play in social issues.

Botched Botox” makes headlines, check out this Sociological Images piece, Botox, Gender, and the Emotional Lobotomy to delve into some of the complexities of this practice.

More from our Partners & Community Pages

Elena G. Van Stee‘s latest piece, making mom proud, covers research by Priya Fielding-Singh and Marianne Cooper which covers how lower-income mothers manage the emotional stress of not meeting societal parenting norms by employing “downscaling” strategies.

Council on Comtemporary Families‘s latest Older Hispanic adults, marital relationships, and depression. Why does the relationship quality matter? which highlights research findings that marital quality significantly impacts mental health, with positive marital interactions reducing depressive symptoms and negative interactions worsening them.