Whether you need a break from the post-Valentine’s Day candy sales or watching the Winter Olympics, we’ve got the goods! Check out our latest special feature on Jeremy Lin’s dreadlocks, social science research on gender and bodies, and new research on the role real estate agents play in racial segregation.

Special Feature:

Much Ado about a Hairdo? Unraveling the Social Significance of Jeremy Lin’s Dreadlocks,” by Stephen Cho Suh, Kyle Green, and Alex Manning. In light of NBA All-Star Weekend, starting tomorrow, Suh, Green, and Manning reflect on the significance of Jeremy Lin’s dreadlocks for sport, race, and culture.

There’s Research on That!:

Gender, Bodies, and the Valentine’s Day Script,” by Isabel Arriagada and Allison Nobles. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we rounded up social science research on gender and bodies.


How Real Estate Agents Perpetuate Racial Segregation,” by Sarah Catherine Billups. New research in Sociological Forum finds that real estate agents use business practices that perpetuate structural racism.

Racism Disadvantages Third-Generation Immigrants,” by Neeraj Rajasekar. New research in Sociology of Race & Ethnicity finds that economic and educational outcomes for third-generation Mexican-Americans are not better than second-generation Mexican-Americans, and are significantly worse than Whites.


The Economics of Genocide Prevention,” by Brooke ChambersThe Washington Post talks to Aliza Luft about economic strategies for genocide prevention.

Is Social Integration the Key to Happy Marriages?” by Allison Nobles. In a recent article in The New York TimesStephanie Coontz reviews social science research demonstrating that a flourishing social life can lead to a better marriage.

Learning from the Crime Drop,” by Chloe Hendrix.  In The New York Times, Patrick Sharkey discusses his research on both the causes and social benefits of the violent crime drop.

From Our Partners:

Sociological Images:

What’s Trending? Feeling the Love,” by Ryan Larson and Evan Stewart.

What’s That Fact? A Tricky Graph on Terror,” by Evan Stewart.

Council on Contemporary Families:

Paternal Incarceration and Children’s Schooling Contexts: Intersecting Inequalities of Educational Opportunity,” by Tasia Clemons.

And a Few from the Community Pages:

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