Can Prosecutors Help Free Innocent Prisoners?

Faith in law enforcement — police and prosecutors — has faltered in the wake of unjustified police shootings and the lack of accountability taken by the officers involved. As Brian Forst argues, the unjustified killing of an innocent person is … Read More

The Untold Asian American Success Story

Asian Americans are the fastest growing group in the United States. The Asian American population increased from 0.7 percent in 1970 to 6 percent in 2015 alone. By 2065, demographers project that Asian Americans will more than double … Read More

Striking Goals for Pay and Prize Parity in Sport

In March 2016, the United States women’s national soccer team filed a wage discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. According to the complaint, the U.S. women’s national team is paid less than their male counterparts, despite having the … Read More

The Invisibility of Today’s Women Refugees

Gender-balanced and predominately male or female migrations are not new. But the discovery and naming of feminization are. Read More

Commemorating 50 Years of the Voting Rights Act… by Restricting Voting Rights

It speaks poorly of our 240-year-old democracy and the gains made in the 50 years since the Voting RIghts Act if the very foundation of democracy—namely, voting—must still be fought for and protected. Read More

Can We Race Together? An Autopsy

Corporate diversity dialogues are ripe for backlash, the research shows, even without coffee counter gimmicks. Read More

Is the (Tea) Party Over?

A roundtable discussion concerning the Tea Party in 2015 and the future. Read More

The Social Construction of Consent

In March 2013, Americans were gripped by television coverage of a trial involving two high school football players from Steubenville, Ohio. They were charged with the rape of an intoxicated 16-year-old girl and with posting images of the assault on … Read More

Between Protesters and Police: How a Photojournalist Got “The Shot”

Iconic images—such as a single student standing stoic before Red Army tanks in Tiananmen Square, a protester leaning forward to put a flower into the barrel of a soldier’s gun, or two African-American athletes raising black-gloved fists on the Olympic … Read More

Racism Retriggered

Let’s face it: after the mid-term elections, many of us are just exhausted by divisive rhetoric—especially on the gun issue. With Michael Bloomberg and the National Rifle Association pouring untold amounts of money into state-level races, the gun debate has … Read More