Hello hello! We’ve got a great roundup for you this week, with numerous pieces offering sociological strategies and advice – from reducing gun violence, to freeing innocent prisoners, to getting a date on Tinder. See below for all that and more.

TSP Special Features:

Can Prosecutors Help Free Innocent Prisoners?,” by Elizabeth Webster. Our new special feature explores how Conviction Review Units can help keep law enforcement accountable and work to reduce wrongful convictions.

There’s Research on That!:

Strategies for Reducing Gun Violence,” by Ryan Larson. Social science sheds light on the rates and distribution of gun violence, as well as the most effective strategies to reduce it.

Not so Natural Disasters,” by Erik Kojola. Hurricanes – so called natural disasters –  are not simply the result of the weather but become “disasters” because of how society shapes people’s risks and how people prepare, adapt, and respond.

Women in Male-Dominated Fields,” by Allison Nobles. Research on the ways women’s work is devalued highlights the hurdles that Hillary Clinton is up against as she attempts to enter a male-dominated field.


Atheists Still ‘Other’?” by Amber Joy Powell. Despite an increased awareness of atheists and other non-religious people over the last decade, Americans still distance themselves from the non-religious.


 “Why We Love Autumn,” by Edgar CamposKathryn Lively talks to the Huffington Post about the popularity of autumn.

How to Get that Right Swipe,” by Caity Curry. A little sociological online dating advice from Tinder sociologist Jessica Carbino.

Scholars Strategy Network:

Why Marijuana Legalization Is Inevitable—And Wise,” by Raymond Hogler.

Council on Contemporary Families:

As American as Divorce,” by Braxton Jones.

And a Few from the Community Pages:

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