New & Noteworthy

Mallory Harrington has a new Discovery on work by Joss Greene on some of the history of gender boundaries in men’s prisons. Covering 1941-2018, this Discovery provides a succinct summary of the development of addressing gender in prisons.

Our media report this week includes The Amsterdam News coverage of Elizabeth Ross Haynes, an African American social worker, sociologist, and author during the early 20th century, Jess Carbino in The New York Times on young, dating adults’ preference to not pay for dating apps, Gaëtan Mangin in The Conversation covering the opinions of older car owns maintaining their old cars as a means of sustainability, Pepper Schwartz in ABC News on the rising use of Ozempic and other GLP-1 agonists for weight loss, and Eric Klinenberg was interviewed by The American Prospect about COVID-19 and some of the impacts social isolation on society.

From the Archives

Vice President Kamala Harris visited an abortion clinic in Minnesota, the first VP to do so. Read this piece from Contexts to learn more about some of the challenges surrounding abortion care.

Dartmouth’s basketball team unionized and Darthmouth has refused to enter into negotiations. Check out our ‘There’s Research on That’ on public opinion on the topic “and revered tradition of amateurism in college sports”, preventing payment of college athletes.

More from our Partners & Community Pages

Give Theory a Chance with Kyle Green has a new episode, with Ugo Corte on the work of Gary Alan Fine.

Contextslatest includes an interview with Dr. Sofya Aptekar by Colter Uscola on her recent article in Contexts, Green Card Soldiers.

Council on Contemporary Families has a new interview with Alicia M. Walker and Bella DePaulo on her new book challenging misconceptions about single life.