It’s getting colder out there, which means it’s time to grab a warm beverage and snuggle up with some good sociology. You BYOB, and we’ll bring the sociology. This week we’ve got new sociological takes on rape culture in the United States, research on the ways gerrymandering disrupts democracy, and the history of how the census shaped Hispanic ethnicity.

There’s Research on That!:

Revisiting Rape Culture as Survivors Say ‘Me Too’,” by Amber Joy Powell. In the midst of over 500,000 women and men saying #MeToo, we round up research on the causes and consequences of rape culture in the United States.

Does Gerrymandering Disrupt American Democracy?” by Caity Curry. As we await a final decision on Gill v. Whitford, social scientists show how gerrymandering has real consequences for racial inequalities and representation in the United States.

The Global Nuances of Nationalism,” by Brooke Chambers. Sociological research helps explain how nationalism develops differently from one country to the next.


In Modern Relationships, Equality Can Mean Many Things,” by Sarah Catherine Billups. New research in American Journal of Sociology finds three different understandings of egalitarianism among European couples.


How the Census Shaped Hispanic Ethnicity,” by Isabel Arriagada. NPR’s Code Switch talks to Cristina Mora about the complicated history behind the term “Hispanic.”

The History of Racial Protest and Public Backlash in Sports,” by Lucas Lynch. The Guardian talks to our very own Doug Hartmann about what happens when sports and politics mix.

Sociology in Action: Encore Careers for Baby Boomers,” by Natalie Alteri. Phyllis Moen tells the Star Tribune about her new Advanced Careers Initiative to support boomers who are navigating retirement.

From Our Partners:

Sociological Images:

Why Witchcraft Appeals to Marginalized Groups,” by Allison Nobles and Jacqui Frost.

Council on Contemporary Families:

Women Who Cheat on Their Romantic Partners: An Interview with Alicia Walker,” by Arielle Kuperberg.

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