Hello all! We’ve got a great line up to kick off the fall semester, with a few thoughts from co-editor Doug Hartmann on the importance of teaching sociology, a second symposium on Charlottesville over at Contexts with a pice from co-editor Chris Uggen, and some great new pieces on law-breaking in-laws, improving children’s books about disasters, and the importance of DACA.

Editors’ Desk:

First Day Note, 2017-2018,” by Doug Hartmann. Doug offers a few inspiring words to kick of the fall semester.

“I see sociology as a noble profession, vocation, a calling in the Weberian sense. And in this time of tumult, conflict, and change, I believe our work—our research, our ideas, and the information and insights we produce—is more needed than ever by people, in communities, all over the world.”


When Your In-Law is an Outlaw,” by Ryan Larson. New research in Criminology finds that previously convicted brothers-in-law increase the likelihood of crime for new husbands — regardless of their own criminal histories.


Understanding the Post-Festival Blues” by Neeraj Rajasekar. Vice’s Noisey talks to Rob Gardner about music festivals, crowd dynamics, and collective effervescence.

From Our Partners:


Context Symposium: After Charlottesville, Part Two.”

  1. “Setting the Record Straight on Confederate Statues,” Wanda Rushing
  2. “Defining Disorder Down,” Chris Uggen
  3. “The ‘Many Sides’ Implicated in Charlottesville,” Dawn M. Dow
  4. “Charlottesville Yields Few Sociological Surprises,” David Brunsma
  5. “Charlottesville and Our Racial Fault Lines,” Rodney D. Coates
  6. “What Are Our Universities’ Obligations?” James M. (JT) Thomas

Staking Post-racialism in Charlottesville,” by Milton Vickerman.

D is for Disaster,” by Kathryn Wells and Timothy J. Haney.

The Importance of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Policy,” by Hyein Lee and Margaret Chin.

Council on Contemporary Families:

Women’s Equality Day Turns 44,” by Nika Fate-Dixon and Stephanie Coontz.

And a Few from the Community Pages:

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