As summer break comes to an end, the TSP crew is gearing up for another engaging semester of sociologizing. In addition to checking out our new stuff below, those of you prepping to teach classes should be sure to stop by our Teaching TSP blog for class exercises, teaching tips, and suggestions for turning TSP blogs into assignments.

Editors’ Desk:

Long-form Journalism, 2017 Late Summer Highlights,” by Doug Hartmann. As we head into the new school year, Doug reflects on some great sociological journalism produced over the summer.


The Politics of Dumpster Diving,” by Erik Kojola. New research in Sociological Perspectives details the ways freegans are pushing back against stigmatization and developing a collective identity.


Socially Sanctioning Venezuela,” by Neeraj RajasekarDavid Smilde explains why economic sanctions might bolster the social influence of President Maduro in The News Observer.

From Our Partners:


After Charlottesville: A Contexts Symposium.”

  1. “‘Hilando Fino’: American Racism After Charlottesville,” Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
  2. “The Souls of White Folk in Charlottesville and Beyond,” Matthew W. Hughey
  3. “The Persistence of White Nationalism in America,” Joe Feagin
  4. “A Sociologist’s Note to the Political Elite,” Victor Ray
  5. “Are Public Sociology and Scholar-Activism Really at Odds?” Kimberly Kay Hoang
  6. “Sociology as a Discipline and an Obligation,” David G. Embrick and Chriss Sneed

Social Pressure to Appear Masculine Leads Straight Men to Have Unwanted Sex,” by Michelle J. Cera, Jessie Ford, and and Paula England.

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