Hello and happy Friday! Before you leap into February, stop by TSP and check out our awesome new pieces on everything from participatory budgeting to Sarah Palin’s sweater.

The Editors’ Desk:

Finding Firmer Ground,” by Chris Uggen. “While many of us are struggling mightily to nurture and defend something important, I am increasingly convinced that we’re not mounting our defense from very firm ground. As a professor and administrator, I’d like to see a stronger collective commitment among the faculty on a few no-brainers.”


Shades of Health,” by Amber Joy PowellEllis Monk investigates the ways skin tone influences health disparities via discrimination.


Scientific (and Corporate) Deviance Add Up at VW,” by Neeraj Rajasekar. How “accumulated fudging” normalizes deviance.

GOP Candidates Trump Up Immigration Threat,” by Allison NoblesDavid Cook Martin talks to The Conversation about why the GOP candidates continue to conflate immigration with crime.

From Our Partners:

Scholars Strategy Network:

How Participatory Budgeting Strengthens Communities and Improves Local Governance,” by Isaac Jabola-Carolus.


Father Schools and Promise Keepers,” by Nicole Bedera.

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