Hey everyone! We hope you are all having a restful holiday weekend. Despite the short work week, we have a long list of great new pieces for you to check out.

There’s Research on That!:

#MedicatedAndMighty: The Social Construction of Stigmatized Illness,” by Sarah Catherine Billups. “Patients’ lived experiences with an illness confirm or challenge expert knowledge, contributing to the continual shaping of the biomedical and cultural understandings of the condition.”

Why Hazing Happens,” by Neeraj Rajasekar. How power dynamics normalize hazing and silence opposition to it.


Segregation, North and South,” by Aisha UptonAngelina Grigoryeva and Martin Reuf find that the history of residential segregation shapes the regional manifestations of segregation today.

Office Hours:

Sanyu Mojola on Love, Money, and HIV.” Sarah Catherine Billups talks to Sanyu Mojola about HIV rates among African women.


Netflix Presents: The Sociology of Dating,” by Allison Nobles. Aziz Ansari uses sociological insights in his new show, Master of None.

Immigration Myths,” by Miray Philips. The Washington Post covers research by Mary Waters to dispel myths about the causes and consequences of immigration.

From Our Partners:

Council on Contemporary Families:

Moynihan’s Half Century: Have We Gone to Hell in a Hand Basket?” by Philip N. Cohen, Heidi Hartmann, Jeffrey Hayes, and Chandra Childers.

And a Few From the Community Pages:

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