Where did Chinese laundries go?

by Lisa Wade, PhD
Flashback Friday. Vintage Ads put up this advertisement in which a collection of “Chinese” bemoan the invention of the compact washer/dryer (text below): Selected text: If you know a little Chinese, you might sense these aren’t the kindest words you’ve seen. Some of our Chinese laundrymen friends have decided to throw in the towel. It […]


That thing about Republican marriages being happier? It isn’t true

by Philip N. Cohen PhD
In a new blog post, Brad Wilcox and Nicholas Wolfinger ask, “are red or blue spouses happier?” Their answer — suspense — red. Using the 2010-2014 General Social Survey, they start with this descriptive figure: Then they do adjustments, and show how their statistical controls explain the “Republican advantage in marital satisfaction.” And get this: So, […]


Hacked emails suggest that Sony’s fear of the NFL shaped its narrative about concussions in football

by Jay Livingston, PhD
In a previous post, I wrote about a University of Illinois football coach forcing injured players to go out on the field even at the risk of turning those injuries into lifelong debilitating and career-ending injuries. The coach and the athletic director both stayed on script and insisted that they put the health and well-being of the […]

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