Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post! We are excited about featuring a variety of voices on Sociological Images.

Who Can Guest Post? We’re happy to look at short proposals or completed posts from scholars, instructors, and graduate students in sociology or related fields. We also consider guest posts from non-academics.

What Should Posts Look Like? SocImages aims to keep sociology accessible and enjoyable. Posts should be:

  • Short (generally between 100 and 500 words)
  • As jargon-free as possible (many of our readers are non-academics)
  • Illustrated (with a graph, figure, photograph, advertisement, video clip, or other visual)
  • With just a few take-home points (between one and three is ideal)

We always ask ourselves two questions:

  • What is the unique idea that sociology is contributing to this conversation?
  • How can we highlight great scholarship in our field for a general audience?

What Should I Be Prepared For? 

  • Editing! I look closely at our guest posts and often offer suggestions and feedback.
  • Reach: We promote posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages, which each have a high number of followers. Your post may get a lot of attention, or a little. It’s hard to predict. The golden rule of social media that you can lead a reader to content, but you can’t make them click.

What Do I Own/Will I Get Paid? SocImages operates under Creative Commons Licensing. You own your post, and you’re welcome to repost it anywhere you like (we don’t “own” it). In turn, however, it can be crossposted from our site and we do not pay authors.  With the exception of occasional technological help from The Society Pages, 100% of the labor behind this blog has been unpaid.  Join us!

How Are Comments on My Post Moderated?  Comments are not approved before posting, nor monitored.  Readers can flag comments for deletion and those will be reviewed at the earliest possible time.  Because our primary goal is to stimulate the most productive discussion possible, and unpopular and fallacious comments often trigger excellent responses, we delete only comments that are hateful or threatening toward other commenters or that are mean-spirited toward particular social groups.  We close comments only in extremely rare circumstances and typically only for a 24-hour window.

What is the Process? Submitting to Sociological Images is similar to submitting to an academic journal. Dr. Evan Stewart, the principal editor, will ensure that the post is of proper quality and, if needed, help you work it into a form suitable for the venue and our audience. You can reach Evan at Evan.Stewart [ at ] umb [ dot ] edu, or via DM on Twitter.

Thank you again for your interest in making Sociological Images as fascinating as sociology itself!