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3A Brief History of Halloween
Yesterday I wrote about how the money spent on adult Halloween revelry now rivals, or even exceeds, that spent on kids. This may seem like a surprising shift, but it turns out it’s the focus on children that’s new. Halloween as the kid holiday we know it in the U.S. today was really invented in the […]
2Chart of the Week: The Business of Halloween
Measured by spending, Halloween is the second largest holiday in the U.S. after Christmas. The National Retail Federation estimates that Americans will spend $7.4 billion dollars celebrating Halloween this year. In total, 74% of households will buy something for Halloween and, among those, the average will spend $125. There’ll be a bumper crop of pumpkins, more […]

1 (3)Our Annual Halloween “Sexy What!?” Post
Here are my picks for the bizarrest sexy costumes this year. Enjoy! Sexy George Washington (via): Sexy Crime Scene:   Sexy Lobster: Sexy Yoda (via): Sexy Scrabble (via): Except — I know, I know — nothing’s sexier than Scrabble.   Sexy Mr. Peanut: I take it back; that costume is fantastic.   Sexy BDSM pig (via): Okay, I […]

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