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3This Month in SocImages (January 2015)
You like! ¬†Here are our most appreciated posts this month: Ohio class teaches children that men think and women feel (9,400+ likes) Five reasons why gendered products are a problem (3,800+ likes) Why you should shut up when poor people buy new Nikes (5,000+ likes) Lumbersexuals and white heteromasculine pageantry (1,600+ likes) Americans are fleeing […]
1aPhysiognomy: Faces, Bodies, and the “Science” of Human Character
Flashback Friday. Reader Lindsey H. sent me a copy of a book called Vaught’s Practical Character Reader,¬†apparently published in 1902 and revised in 1907 by Emily H. Vaught. Also available on Amazon. The book can best be described as an application of the theory of physiognomy, which is the idea that you can tell all […]

2Elite University Degrees Do Not Protect Black People from Racism
Disentangling the effects of race and class on the social mobility of black Americans is one of sociology’s important jobs. A new study by S. Michael Gaddis is a nice contribution. Gaddis sent resumes to 1,008 jobs in three parts of the United States. Some of these fictional job applicants carried degrees from an elite […]

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