The US Census and the social construction of race

by Lisa Wade, PhD
Flashback Friday. Social and biological scientists agree that race and ethnicity are social constructions, not biological categories.  The US government, nonetheless, has an official position on what categories are “real.”  You can find them on the Census (source): These categories, however real they may seem, are actually the product of a long process. Over time, […]


What, if anything, do Catholics have in common?

by Lisa Wade, PhD
One of the major contributions of political scientist Benedict Anderson is the idea of an “imagined community”: a large group of people connected not through interaction, but by the idea that they are part of a meaningful group. In his book on the idea, he wrote: It is imagined because the members of even the smallest […]


This Month in SocImages (September 2015)

by Lisa Wade, PhD
SocImages News: Apparently this was the month of finding out that SocImages is quoted in awesome places! Thanks to a friend, I learned that a post is quoted in the current edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves. Um, amazing! And I also stumbled across a generous endorsement of the site in Kate Harding’s fantastic new book […]

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