This year at the Sociological Research Institute, hosted by the Sociology Department at the University of Minnesota, the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies took home a few awards. Congratulations!

The Genocide Education Outreach (GEO) program was awarded the Public Sociology Award, an annual award to acknowledge the work of individuals reaching beyond their research to make change outside the university.  CHGS’s GEO program pairs graduate students based on area of expertise with community organizations in need of genocide education support in that area.

From Left to Right: Brooke Chambers, Alejandro Baer, Wahutu Siguru, and Miray Philips

Wahutu Siguru

Wahutu Siguru is the recipient of the Engaged Scholarship Award for his commitment to using his knowledge and expertise to engage the public. Wahutu’s dissertation is about African media representations of mass atrocities in Africa, which fills major gaps in sociological scholarship. He is also part of a team working on a project by USAID’s Center of Excellence in Democracy, Human Rights and Governance examining the consequences of human rights awareness campaigns. Wahutu closely works with educators. He is currently developing an African Diaspora Curriculum for the Minneapolis Public School District, and has previously lead an Educator’s Workshop on genocide and mass violence in Africa. He also frequently meets with members of the public through his participation with GEO. Tapping into his expertise, Wahutu consistently writes for the public at The Society Pages and for his own column, Eye on Africa, at the CHGS Blog. Congratulations, Wahutu!

Alejandro Baer was awarded the Faculty Mentoring Award. Alejandro is able to gracefully balance many roles: director, teacher, mentor and researcher. One of the nominations said, “he has always made sure that those of us studying mass violence in its various forms always had an audience for our work. He always sends students opportunities that may arise whilst also making sure that when we do apply to them he is available to help us through the process. But perhaps even more impressive is his ability to find new ways for students to engage with leading scholars in the field. He has organized multiple international conferences and made sure that all of his graduate students are able to meet and talk to faculty attending the conferences.” Congratulations, Alejandro!

From Left to Right: Miray Philips, Alejandro Baer and Amber Powell