Thursday marks the start of the 37th annual Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival, a two plus week celebration of cinema from across the globe. This year’s events feature more than 250 films spread across six theaters throughout the Twin Cities.

Here are a few selections that may pique your interest:

Dodging Bullets

Dodging Bullets examines the contemporary issues affecting the lives of Native people through the lense of intergenerational trauma. Going beyond the history of Native peoples’ first encounters with Europeans, the films highlights the continued racism and disenfranchisement communities continue to face to this day.

Hitler’s Hollywood

Hitler’s Hollywood examines the Third Reich’s infatuation with Hollywood cinema and its deliberate attempts to emulate it. Rüdiger Suchsland’s film looks at the Nazi era’s lasting influence on German film and its impact on today’s work.

Indian Horse

Indian Horse’s titular character is an eight year old Ojibwe-Anishinabe boy who is sent to one of Canada’s Catholic residential schools. Barred from using his language and expressing his culture, Indian Horse finds solace through playing hockey. The film is based on the novel by one of Canada’s most famous indigenous authors, Richard Wagamese.

Ohiyesa: The Soul of an Indian

Ohiyesa is the the story of George Eastman, a renowned lecturer, physician and Native American rights activist. In this film, Eastman’s descendents, including MN alum Kate Beane, document his life and the impressive legacy he leaves today.

Risking Light

Risking Light is filmmaker Dawn Mikkelson’s in-depth exploration of forgiveness. From Cambodia to Australia, the film examines how people can forgive the seeming unforgivable, including two survivors of Australia’s lost generation.

With hundreds of films to choose from, the next two weeks are sure to be a cinephile’s dream. Happy watching!