Welcome back. This week, we brought you a special feature on how sociological tools are helping make sense of the January 6 events at the capitol. Plus, new research on how social participation contributes to alcohol consumption among older adults.

Special Features

Sociology of the Siege by Brooke Chambers, Jillian LaBranche, and Nikoleta Sremac. In this special feature, we show how reporters, politicians, and scholars alike are using sociological concepts and ideas to understand the assault on the capitol.


Socializing and Substance Abuse for Older Adults by Mahala Miller. We cover new research that suggests that greater social participation might increase alcohol consumption among older adults, a population facing increasing rates of alcohol abuse.

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Council on Contemporary Families

Research reports: National Spouses Day is Next Week…. Feeling Any Pressure? A Fact Sheet on Prospects for Marriage in Contemporary America by Daniel Carlson and Stephanie Coontz.

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