Welcome back! This week we’ve got social science research on technological inequalities, the transformative power of parties, and cohabitation trends for the financially insecure.

There’s Research on That!:

Technological Inequalities in Society,” by Allison J. Steinke. The internet may seem like a neutral tool, but social science research shows that technology has a dark side.


The Social Side of the Solo Cup,” by Isabel Arriagada. New research in Social Psychology Quarterly finds that social occasions have the power to be transformative in positive and negative ways.

From Our Partners:

Sociological Images:

Crowding Out Crime,” by Evan Stewart.

Soccer Stars & Soc Majors,” by Evan Stewart.

Council on Contemporary Families:

From Countercultural Trend to Strategy for the Financially Insecure: Premarital Cohabitation and Premarital Cohabitors, 1956-2015,” by Arielle Kuperberg.

And from the Community Pages:

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