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Criminalizing Dance to Demonstrate Power,” by Isabel Arriagada. After teenager Maedeh Hojabri was recently arrested and imprisoned by Iranian authorities for posting Instagram videos of herself dancing, we rounded up research on the purpose of such legal sanctions.


Does Toxic Water Cause Toxic Behavior?” by Caity Curry. New research in Criminology finds that lead exposure is directly linked to antisocial behavior in adolescence, behavior that often leads to arrest later on.


Research “Roasts” Marshmallow Test Credibility,” by Jasmine Syed. The Atlantic talks to Jessica Calarco about why children’s self-discipline might be more reflective of their current socioeconomic situation than their future success.

From Our Partners:

Sociological Images:

What’s Trending? Deep State Searches,” by Evan Stewart.


Resistance: 2018 Summer Letter from the Editors,” by Rashawn Ray and Fabio Rojas.

The Struggle to Save Abortion Care,” by Carole Joffe.

Black Deaths Matter,” by Eric Stone.

After Charlottesville: A Contexts Symposium,” by Contexts Magazine.

Council on Contemporary Families:

Does Cheating Make People Happier? It Depends,” by Alicia Walker.

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