Welcome to our first roundup of 2018! We’re glad to have you. In addition to more “Best of 2017” posts, we’ve got new pieces for you on how children learn rules for romance in preschool, race in adoptive families, and reflections on the NFL protests throughout 2017.

The Editor’s Desk:

On the Eds’ Desk this week, Doug Hartmann reflects on the NFL National Anthem Protests in 2017 and how they might be remembered in the future.

Office Hours:

*~* Best of 2017 *~*

Best of 2017: Mimi Schippers on Polyamory and Polyqueer Sexualities,” with Allison Nobles. In this episode we talked with Mimi Schippers about the ways our cultural disposition toward compulsory monogamy reproduces inequalities and limits the ways we can view relationships.


Children Learn Rules for Romance in Preschool,” by Allison Nobles. New Research in Sociology of Education finds that children in preschool classrooms learn that heterosexual relationships are normal and that boys and girls have different roles to play in them.


*~* Best of 2017 *~*

Best of 2017: Gendering Gender-Neutral Occupations,” by Caity CurryThe Globe and Mail covered research from Laura Doering and Sarah Thébaud examining how gender-ambiguous occupations become gendered over time.

From Our Partners:

Sociological Images:

Small Books, Big Questions: Diversity in Children’s Literature,” by Evan Stewart.

Social Studies MN:

Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility,” by Allison J. Steinke.


It’s Better to be Angry Together,” by Philip Cohen.

Hurricane Party,” by Rachel Tolbert Kimbro.

Where Intersectionality is a Strategy,” by Eric Stone.

Facing Race in Adoptive Families,” by Chandra Reyna.

And a Few from the Community Pages:

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