Looking to bring in the new year with some sociological perspective? We’ve got you covered. This week we’ve got some great new pieces and some of our best from over the year.

Office Hours:

*~* Best of 2017 *~*
Lisa Wade on American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus,” with Amber Joy Powell and Allison Nobles. Voted best podcast of 2017 by the TSP board, in this episode we talked with Wade about the complexities involved in navigating the ‘hookup culture’ found on college campuses.


Shining a Light on Lower Crime in Brazil,” by Caity Curry. New research in the Journal of Quantitative Criminology finds that electricity policies in areas that previously had little to no access to electricity can be an essential tool for crime control.

*~* Best of 2017 *~*
Minority Men doing ‘Women’s Work’,” by Allison Nobles. Research in The Sociological Quarterly finds that all groups of racial minority men are more likely than white men to work in female-dominated jobs.


Promoting Women Reduces Sexual Harassment,” by Natalie Alteri. Frank Dobbin and Alexandra Kalev tell the Harvard Business Review that more women in leadership roles is vital to remedying sexual harassment culture in the workplace.

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Listen Up! Great Social Science Podcasts,” by Evan Stewart.

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