Looking for some reading material for your winter break? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got some great new pieces this week, as well as a new issue from Contexts and a brand new TSP volume, Give Methods a Chance. We’ll also be rolling out our *Best of 2017* over the next few weeks, so you can catch up on all the great posts from the year. Enjoy!

There’s Research on That!:

Navigating Multiracial Identities,” by Allison Nobles and Amber Joy Powell. The latest royal wedding announcement got us thinking about the complexities of being multiracial in an increasingly diverse global world.

*~* Best of 2017 *~*
Revisiting Rape Culture as Survivors Say ‘Me Too’,” by Amber Joy Powell. In the midst of over 500,000 women and men saying #MeToo, we highlighted research on the causes and consequences of rape culture in the United States.


Showing Off Your Sacred Side,” by Evan Stewart. New research in Sociological Science finds that Muslim women who have children aren’t necessarily more religious, but they are more likely to signal their religiosity to others in public.


Why Athletic Scandals Seem Standard in Higher Education,” by Jean Marie DeOrnellas. In a guest post for SalonRick Eckstein argues that problems with the NCAA are a symptom of larger problems with corporatizing higher education in the U.S.

From Our Partners:


Check out the Fall 2017 Table of Contents and see below for the first pieces to go online.

Race, Class, and the Framing of Drug Epidemics,” by Rebecca Tiger.

Segregation in Social Networks on Facebook,” by Bas Hofstra, Rense Corten, Frank van Tubergen, and Nicole Ellison.

Closeted Womanhood,” by Ellie Malmrose.

Crime is Even Lower in Diverse Immigrant Neighborhoods,” by Hannah Kleman.

Social Studies MN:

Who Puts Politics on TV?” by Allison J. Steinke.

And a Few from the Community Pages:

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