Hey everyone! We’ve got some great new stuff for you this week, including pieces on bipartisan colorblindess and a proposal to credentialize panhandlers. And be sure to wish Lisa Wade and everyone over at Sociological Images a happy 10th anniversary. They helped pave the way for TSP and many others, so let’s all show them some love!

There’s Research on That!:

How Racial Minorities Are Excluded from Being ‘American’,” by Allison Nobles. The 4th of July celebrates the U.S. and its freedoms, but social science shows that racial and ethnic minorities are excluded from many of them.


Bipartisan Colorblindness,” by Neeraj Rajasekar. New research in The Sociological Quarterly reveals that both liberals and conservatives draw on colorblind rhetoric to contruct their moral identities.


Credentials for Panhandlers?,” by Neeraj Rajasekar. Over at The ConversationBrendan O’Flaherty and Gwendolyn Dordick propose offering credentials for panhandlers instead of tightening restrictions on them.

From Our Partners:

Council on Contemporary Families:

Opioids, Health Care Denial, and a World of Pain,” by Megan Peterson.

And a Few from the Community Pages:

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