Happy Friday everyone! This week we have a number of pieces on gender inequality at work, at home, and even on vacation, a few new pieces on private prisons and policing, and sociological takes on March Madness, fake news, and shifting sexual practices. Enjoy!

There’s Research on That!:

For Profit Prisons and the Immigrant Industrial Complex,” by Caity Curry. Private prisons have been reinstated, so we rounded up research on how they enable mass incarceration of immigrant populations.

The Social Science of Sexual Practices,” by Allison Nobles. A recent survey reported that Americans are having less sex. But, so what? Why should we care how often people are having sex or who their sexual partners are? You got it — there’s research on that!

Gendering Vacation,” by Sarah Catherine Billups and Allison Nobles. It may be spring break time for many, but women pay a higher price for taking time off work.


Highly Skilled White Women Pay the Biggest Motherhood Penalty,” by Sarah Catherine Billups. New research in American Sociological Review finds privilege has its price in the form of high motherhood penalties.


The “Ferguson Effect” and Informed Policing,” by Neeraj Rajasekar. The New York Times talks to David C. Pyrooz about a different kind of Ferguson effect.

Why Fewer Millennials Support Gender Equality in the Home,” Edgar CamposTime covers Joanna Pepin and colleagues’ research on the changing gender attitudes of millennials.

From Our Partners:


Scorn Wars: Rural White People and Us,” by Nina Eliasoph.

The Sadness of the Border Wall,” by David Bacon.

How the Media Makes Protests Matter,” by Polina Zvavitch.

Council on Contemporary Families:

Trending Towards Traditionalism? Changes in Youths’ Gender Ideology,” by Joanna R. Pepin and David A. Cotter.

And a Few from the Community Pages:

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