Hi, Folks! While many of our team members are out at the Midwest Sociological Society meetings this weekend, we’re still here bringing you the best of the week!

There’s Research on That!:

The ‘Resurgence’ of Anti-Semitism,” by Brooke Chambers. Research shows prejudicial views aren’t a thing of the past, and may have been hiding in plain sight.

The Risks of Raiding Sanctuary Churches,” by Matt GuntherJacqui Frost, and Ethan Johnson. Sanctuary churches have a long history, and research finds immigration raids pose a risk to community stability.


Class Status Helps Men More than Women in Elite Jobs,” by Ryan Larson. New research in American Sociological Review finds a high class resume could hurt women, as employers perceive them as less committed to full-time, demanding careers.


The Persistence of Racial Wealth Gaps,” by Neeraj RajasekarTom Shapiro talks to The Atlantic about how economic mobility is harder for families of color.

The Prison Boom in Rural America,” by Caity Curry. In The Conversation, John M. Eason shows how rural communities with larger populations of color get an economic boost from prisons, but will probably need a new line of work.

From Our Partners:


“‘Straight Girls Kissing,’ Beyond the Elite College Campus,” by Jamie Budnick.

SocArXiv Promotes Open Sociology,” by Philip N. Cohen

Screening Therapy Clients by Race and Class,” by Rose Malinowski Weingartner.

Council on Contemporary Families:

Revisit: Are African Americans Living the Dream 50 Years After Passage of the Civil Rights Act?,” by Velma McBride Murry and Na Liu.

And a Few from the Community Pages:

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