Hello and happy Friday all! Since we did not do a regular Roundup last week, we have a lot to catch you up on, so we’ll get right to it –

There’s Research on That!:

Who Are Fair Trade Deals Good For?,” by Erik Kojola. NAFTA and its merits have been a major topic in this year’s election. But who benefits from these kinds of trade deals and who doesn’t? We have research on that.

Sick Days and Toughing it Out,” by Elizabeth Tremmel. Wondering whether or not you should call into work because of your cold? Your decision is likely influenced by your social surroundings.

Juries and Racial Bias,” by Caity Curry.  The recent Peña-Rodriguez v. Colorado case got us thinking about the racial make-up of juries and its implications for sentencing.

Minorities in Television,” by Amber Joy Powell and Neeraj Rajasekar. While the increase in minority characters has been a major stride for equal on-air representation, sociological research suggests other problems and pitfalls remain.

Office Hours:

Douglas Hartmann on Midnight Basketball,” with Matthew Aguilar-Champeau. In our latest podcast episode, co-host Matthew chats with Doug about his new book and the 1990s crime initiative that still influences sports, race, and social policy today.


Fighting Sports Arena Funding,” by Edgar Campos. New research in the Sociology of Sport Journal investigates why opposition to the public funding of large sports arenas often fails.


Escaping Reality with Virtual Love,” by Neeraj RajasekarMasahiro Yamada talks to The Guardian about the constraints of dating and relationships in Japan and why Japanese youth are turning to virtual love as a result.

The Resiliency of the Death Penalty in the United States,” by Caity CurryPublic Radio International asks Susan Sharp about the continued support for the death penalty in the U.S.

NFL Suspensions: From Fines to the Sidelines,” by Edgar Campos. TSP’s Doug Hartmann is featured in a recent New York Times article about effective punishments in the NFL.

From Our Partners:

Scholars Strategy Network:

How Rights Movements Can Deal with Backlashes against Supreme Court Decisions,” by Alexander Lovell.

Why Laws Targeting Non-Citizen Immigrants Affect Citizen Family Members and Associates, Too,” by Jane Lilly López.

Council on Contemporary Families:

Revisit: Sexual Assault on Campus,” by Elizabeth Armstrong and Jamie Budnick.

Gender Inequalities in Dual-Earner, College Educated Couples and the Transition to Parenthood,” by Jill Yavorsky, Claire Kamp Dush, and Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan.

And a Few from the Community Pages:

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