This is an in-class activity designed to be used with “Facts and Fictions about an Aging America” by The McArthur Foundation Research Network on an Aging Society in Contexts Fall 2009.  The activity should be used before the students read the article, to get them thinking about their own preconceptions.

After reading the following statements, indicate whether you think the statement is True or False.

1)____The large population of elderly people in the United States is a temporary phenomenon caused by the baby boom.

2)____ Of the babies born in 2000, 83% are expected to survive past 65.

3) ____ Physical and mental capacity inevitably decline with biological aging.

4) ____ The consequences of aging mainly affect the elderly.

5)____ Younger people are disproportionately minorities, and older people are disproportionately non-minorities.

6)____With the increasing deficit in the Untied States, policy makers will have to choose between investments in programs for the youth or the elderly.

7)____The biggest public problems facing the United States stem from Social Security and Medicare/Medicade.

8)____The life expectancy could decrease within this century, meaning that people would not live as long they do today.


Answers: F, T, F, F, T  F, F, T