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Profiles of scholars within CLA.

Migration and Migrants in Terrifying Times: Confronting Challenges, Centering Solutions

In our “Research with Minnesota” column, we profile research endeavors at the University of Minnesota. We cover different interdisciplinary projects where scholars from a variety of fields collaborate to address contemporary issues and topics.

*In this issue, we spoke with members of the “Migration and Migrants in Terrifying Times Project” about contemporary immigraton, migrants’ lived…

Studying Better Business Behavior at the Minnesota State Fair

Dr. Amy O’Connor is studying what people expect from corporations at the great Minnesota get-together!

Politics, Public Discourse and the Press

Dr. Sid Bedingfield shares his recent work on the history of journalism in political struggles for racial justice.

Who Puts Politics on TV?

Dr. Christopher Terry talks research on media regulation in our contentious political climate.

Chatbots, Mobile Apps, and the Future of Journalism

Dr. Valerie Belair-Gagnon uses social science to examine how the norms and practices of journalism are changing through emerging technology.

Designing Smarter Ways to Quit Smoking

UMN Psychologist Alexander Rothman looks at how long-term treatment can help more people quit smoking.

Are "Hybrid" Activities Like Volunteering or just Light Volunteering?

UMN Psychology Professor Mark Snyder looks at new kinds of community service to understand why people volunteer.

What We (Don’t) Know About Reducing Police Bias

UMN psychologist Eugene Borgida outlines what we know, and what we need to learn, about reducing police bias.