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New and exciting research from CLA researchers.

The Ins and Outs of the IMF

Stephanie J Rickard and Teri L. Caraway. 2019. “International demands for austerity: Examining the impact of the IMF on the public sector.” The Review of International Organizations

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a major world player in providing loans to developing countries. Research from London School of Economics and Political Science [Professor Stephanie J....

Comments and Imagined Audiences on News Websites vs. Facebook

News organizations worldwide are trying to figure out how to manage the wide range of comments on their stories. Most of us have seen trolls, cyberbullies and opinionated individuals leave their negative thoughts and comments online–as early as 2016, The Guardian published a project featuring journalists’ reactions to “the dark side” of online commenting.


“Fake News” and Informational Moral Panic

According to Dr. Matt Carlson, the term “fake news” really blew up in 2016.

In an article published in Information, Communication & Society called “Fake news as an informational moral panic: the symbolic deviancy of social media during the 2016 US presidential election,” Dr. Carlson explores how the term “fake news” is used, who is…

Local News is Not What it Used to Be

In the age of the internet, what does “local” mean for local news organizations? As described by Dr. Matthew S. Weber, local news outlets are covering distances and audiences far beyond their traditional reach, changing the way they operate and the audiences they target. This complicates traditional understandings of how news organizations define “local.”…

‘I Don’t Know What to Believe:’ News Avoiders' Consumption Habits

Research from Dr. Benjamin Toff looks at why people avoid the news and what journalists can do about it.

Learning from Political Splits in Spain

Clara’s research focuses on the role of media in the construction of Spanish and Catalan identities in light of the Catalan secessionist movement.

A New Look at Nuclear Negotiations

Research from UMN political scientist Mark S. Bell takes us into a new age of nuclear strategy.

Multiple Screens Are Not Always Bad For Attention

Research shows many devices can be distracting, but actively using one to engage with another can boost attention and memory.