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CLA Social Science research making headlines.

Dialogue Across Difference

Professor Larry Jacobs has made it his mission to find new ways to talk about things people aren’t talking about and to look into places he doesn’t see people looking. This has led him to publish 16 books, over 100 scholarly articles, and numerous mainstream media…

The History of U.S. Citizenship for Immigrants' Children

UMN History Professor Erika Lee talks to The Washington Post’s Constitutional Podcast about the history of immigration and citizenship.

Wages have stagnated in the US. Here's why

Stagnant or falling earnings have put a squeeze on working- and middle-class households, says UMN Economics professor Fatih Guvenen and colleagues.

Anthropology For Business

A fertile relationship is growing between anthropology and business. Marketers are finding that anthropologists gather very useful knowledge by studying consumers in their natural habitat using the ethnographic techniques of observation and interviewing.

Good Question: What Is A Congressional Caucus?

All this talk of the House Freedom Caucus raises Good Questions about politics like, what is a congressional caucus? And how do they work? UMN Political scientist Kathryn Pearson helps answer this question.

How Schools Can Get Children to Eat Their Vegetables

Schools, nutritionists, and behavioral scientists are putting science to work to figure out how to get children to reach for a carrot instead of a candy bar. Psychology professor Traci Mann talks about some methods schools are trying.

'Voice banks' step in to keep chronically ill patients from falling silent

University of Minnesota speech pathologists use new voice database technology to help restore the voices of those suffering from neurodegenerative illnesses.

An anthropologist's view of Wall Street

Associate Professor Karen Ho talks with Kai Ryssdal, host of National Public Radio’s “Marketplace,” about the people and culture in Wall Street, the effects of the 2008 financial crash, and the possibility of change.