Happy Friday! This week we welcomed a new community page, covered new research on sanctuary policies and crime reporting, and rounded up research on inequalities in access to mental health care.

Editor’s Desk

Introducing World Suffering on TSP. This week we announced that TSP is the new host for the website World Suffering and the Compassionate Relief of Suffering, the work of our late colleague Ron Anderson. You can find out more about the site, and Ron’s legacy, here.


Seeking Justice in Sanctuary Cities by Jillian LaBranche. We present new research that shows Latinx people are more likely to report crime victimization in communities with sanctuary policies.

There’s Research On That

Inequality and Access to Mental Health Care by Mahala Miller. We round up research on the persistent challenges to equitable access to mental health care.

From Our Partners:

Council on Contemporary Families

New Work: Gender, Parenting, and the Rise of Remote Work During the Pandemic: Implications for Domestic Inequality in the United States by Allison Dunatchik, Kathleen Gerson, Jennifer Glass, Jerry A. Jacobs, and Haley Strizel.

From Our Community Pages:

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