Today we are excited to announce that The Society Pages is the new host of World Suffering & The Compassionate Relief of Suffering. From now on you can find a link to World Suffering under our “Community Pages.”

World Suffering features the unique perspective and writing of Ron Anderson. Ron Anderson, an innovative scholar of technology and society, and a dear and generous colleague to all who were privileged to know him, passed away on December 21, 2020.

In honor of Ron’s legacy, and in recognition of Ron’s support of The Society PagesTSP now hosts this website. We will continue to feature the content that Ron wrote and curated, and seek submissions for new posts that reflect Ron’s unique perspective and vision.

Here is the vision for World Suffering in Ron’s own words:

“This site has two pillars, understanding world suffering and enabling compassion and other actions to alleviate suffering…This site will attempt to lay out the scope and nature of suffering so that we direct our empathy and compassion more effectively. Look at it as an aid to identifying the suffering most deserving of alleviation or even elimination.”

We are honored to host this website in Ron’s memory, continuing to feature its important content and seeking new posts that reflect Ron’s goal of moving towards “the compassionate relief of suffering.”