Welcome Back! This week, we feature a sociological review of the new Netflix drama Orthodox and research showing how social distancing might shape demand for sexbots. We also share new research on multiracial churches and women in leadership.


In “Love, Sex (Dolls) and Robots in the Age of Coronavirus?Katherine Bright examines what sex-toys-for-hire can teach us about the intersections of eroticism, technology, and consumerism.

Unorthodox Captures Many Truths of Leaving Hasidic Communities” by Schneur Zalman Newfield. This review highlights three themes of the exit process from religion that are backed by research and dramatized in Unorthodox.


Gendered Risk and Leadership Ambitions” by Jean Marie Maier. New research helps explain why many women turn down leadership opportunities.

White Pastors Hoard Social Capital” by Erika Sanborne. We bring you new research revealing differences in Black and white pastors’ access to the resources that come from social relationships.

From Our Partners:


Education under COVID-19” by Rashawn Ray and Fabio Rojas.

Council on Contemporary Families:

Sex and Consent on Campus: Definitions, Dilemmas, and New Directions” by Deborah L. Rhode.

Sociological Images:

Partisanship and the Pandemic” by Morgan C. Matthews.

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