Erika Sanborne

Sociology PhD Student
University of Minnesota

More TSP with Erika

Erika has always worn a lot of hats. Teaching and Healthcare Chaplaincy are her two broadest categories of work experience to date. Her first year teaching was 2001, in a high school math classroom for TRIO and Upward Bound programs. Her first publication in a peer-reviewed journal was in 2008, in the Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling. Today she is a middle-aged Researcher, TA, and PhD student in the Sociology Department at the University of Minnesota, and she is (still) a Senior Adjunct Professor of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, where she teaches Community Psychology.

Erika wishes to mention a brief shoutout to her wife, the Rev. Dr. Rachael Keefe, for her infinite patience, support, and heart.