Welcome back! This week, we reflect on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s words about order and justice, tension and peace, and the vast chasm between colorblind ideals and persistent racial inequalities. We also feature the TROT that traveled the furthest on social media in 2019, and the Discovery with the best title, as voted by TSP’s graduate board.

There’s Research on That:

Best of 2019: Race, Gender, and Surviving Student Loan Debt” by Amber Joy Powell. In light of recent conversations and debates about student loan debt, we rounded up social science research on the conditions driving student loan debt and its disparate impacts by race and gender.


Best of 2019: Masculinity, Medium Rare,” by Allison Nobles. New research in Socius finds that men who experience a threat to their masculinity are more likely to express attachment to meat.

From Our Partners:

Council on Contemporary Families:

Marital Strain Increases Psychological Distress for Couples in Both Same-Sex and Different-Sex Marriages, but Women in Different-Sex Marriages Suffer More” by Michael A. Garcia and Debra Umberson.


Twenty Years in a Culture of Fear” by Daniel Harrison.

TSP Classics:

In “MLK: Sinking Shots, Sparking Thoughts,” Doug Hartmann reflects on the legacy of one of the most famous sociology majors.

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