Welcome back! This week, we feature two articles voted best of 2019 by the TSP team. The first talks about the transformative potential of violence, and the second interrogates gaslighting from a sociological perspective. Finally, a new piece from our community pages calls attention to the crisis in Kashmir.

There’s Research on That:

Best of 2019: Violence and Revolution” by Brooke Chambers. In honor of U.S. Independence Day celebrations, we rounded up social science research on how violence can remake identities, redraw state boundaries, and bring power to marginalized groups.


Best of 2019: The Social Basis of Psychological Abuse” by Jordan Boudreaux. Research in American Sociological Review reveals how people who commit domestic abuse mobilize gender stereotypes, racial stereotypes, and victims’ institutional settings in order to manipulate their victims’ sense of reality.

From Our Community Pages:

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