Hello again! In new content this week, we’ve got social science research on wealth, religion, and cohabitation trends; social and psychological factors affecting veterans’ long-term health; and how corporations use aesthetic deception on the internet.

Editors Desk:

ASA’s New Network for Social Engagement,” by Doug Hartmann and Chris Uggen. The American Sociological Association launches a new initiative to connect sociologists to other organizations in an exciting way.


Indirect Effects of Combat on Veterans’ Health,” by Allison Nobles. New research in Socius finds that veterans’ long-term health is explained by more than combat experience itself. Poor health can result from a variety of social and psychological processes in veterans’ lives after returning home.

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Sociological Images:

Happy Birthday, SocImages!” by Evan Stewart.

Council on Contemporary Families:

Who Cohabits? Evidence about Wealth and Religion Tells a Changing Story,” by Virginia Rutter.

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