Welcome back to another sociology-packed TSP roundup! This week we’ve got new pieces on the history of race and reproductive control, the addictive qualities of hate, and the dangers of rescinding DACA.

There’s Research on That!:

Violence and Discrimination against Transgender People,” by Caity Curry and Amber Joy Powell. Social science shows that personal prejudice and institutional discrimination continue to affect the lives of those in the trans community.

Race and Reproductive Control,” by Allison Nobles and Amber Joy Powell. Sociological research traces the historical links between reproductive control, race, and gender.


How Hate Hangs On,” by Evan Stewart. New research in American Sociological Review finds that people can get “addicted to hate,” making it more difficult to leave hate groups.


Policing in an Era of Surveillance,” by Natalie Alteri. CNN Tech talks to Sarah Brayne about the social side of surveillance technologies.

The Dangers of Rescinding DACA,” by Caity Curry. In a recent piece for The Globe PostStephanie Canizales outlines what the abolishment of DACA could mean for immigrant worker rights.

From Our Partners:


The Summer 2017 issue’s Table of Contents is ready to peruse! See below for one of the first features available online.

The Closet,” by Amin Ghaziani.

Social Studies MN:

Heading Home After Hurricanes,” by Sarah Catherine Billups.

And a Few from the Community Pages:

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