Happy Friday all! This week we’ve got a new feature on the sociology of joy and some new regular features on grandparental wealth and emboldened “fringe” ideologies. See below or stop by the site for more.

Special Feature:

A Sociology of Joy,” by Dan Brook. In our latest feature, Dr. Brook explores the possibility of a “serendipitous sociology” that properly situates happiness in social contexts.


Inheriting Academic Success: Grandparental Wealth and Student GPAs,” by Brooke Chambers. New research in American Sociological Review finds that, when compared, parents and grandparents wealth had almost equal effects on student success.


Emboldening “Fringe” Ideologies,” by Neeraj RajasekarTina Fetner and Sarah Sobieraj talk to the New York Times about how quickly “fringe” ideologies can find their way into mainstream culture.

From Our Partners:


What Does Studying College Sex Tell Us About Immigrant Assimilation?” by Kristine Wang, Jessie Ford, and Paula England.

The [Un]surprising Alt-right,” by Robert Futrell and Pete Simi.

Council on Contemporary Families:

For African Americans, Grief and Loss Starting as Children,” by Tasia Clemons.

And a Few from the Community Pages:

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