One of my earliest posts on this blog was about “Scheduling Time for Reading,” as learning new tasks crowded out some old activities. It seems that this challenge is popping up again two years later! My initial solution was to save articles to my Instapaper account, and read them on weekends. That approach worked particularly well in my second year at UWP, when I flew to Charlotte, NC to visit my wife just about every weekend, so I could read on the flights. Now we both have jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area and live in just one household, so I have to toss that solution out the window. My daily commute to campus via light rail is just a 10 minute trip door to door, so an option of reading while going to the office is also eliminated. Hhhmmm. OK, up until 2012 I read a paper copy of the Sunday paper on Sunday mornings, so maybe I can restart a tradition of reading articles and news at that time, but now on an iPad instead of the old fashioned way. Yes, I’ll give that a shot!