Archive: Dec 2015

Pacific Standard magazine has posted a comparative analysis of America’s seven most electable fictional presidents. Interesting, but they forgot to include the fictional African American presidents I analyzed in a 2010 article, “30 Years of Black Presidents.”  Of the seven presidents they analyzed, however, my vote is for 24‘s President Palmer!

Since the original Star Wars movie debuted in 1977 there have been over 1000 scholarly papers published about themes explored in the Star Wars movie franchise. Wow! I bet that many more will soon emerge, given the recent release of the seventh film in the series, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I saw it on Sunday and loved it, even with sky high expectations. The original was the first movie I ever fell in love with, and the first movie I saw more than once. (I viewed it three times in the theaters in the summer of 1977). I will have to re-watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens soon, as Sunday’s viewing was on an IMAX screen; it was hard to track everything given that the screen is so large. I’m also going to resist fancy 3D showings. Old fashioned 2D is the best format for me!

First Lady Michelle Obama and comedian Jay Pharaoh have partnered on a music video about the importance of going to college:



Pacific Standard magazine published an informative graphic about internet service inequality on Native American lands.

The news these days is filled with stories about students organizing on campus to improve the climate for those who are not members of traditional privileged college populations. This week I came across two very interesting — but very different — reactions to student activism. Check out “Jamar Clark: I’m Not Sure What to Say” and “This is Not a Day Care. It’s a University!” Which one resonates more closely with your views?