The blogger “Female Science Professor” has posted an interesting article about her path to leadership positions. She notes, “although the ‘path’ concept might be relevant to the future (as an image of some potential future directions to take), it doesn’t work so well as a metaphor for the past because ‘path’ implies that I was on a particular trajectory, with a particular destination. More accurate descriptions for me would be that I parachuted into my current position (after a bit of a push), or that I wandered around bushwhacking in a dense and somewhat unfriendly forest before accidentally stumbling into the administrative sector.” My initial adventure into administration was also unplanned — the dean suggested that I become the interim chairperson of a department when I sought to transfer to his college — but my path to become a dean quickly came into focus in my first year as chairperson, as I discovered that I loved administrative challenges. I can still say that 11 months into my first year as a dean, and hope that it continues!