Today is my first day as Founding Dean and Professor, College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies, University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Following a 13-hour drive (including stops) from Charlotte, NC yesterday I stayed overnight at a hotel in Racine, WI. Now I’m about to head to campus, and I’m wearing jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt. “Wait,” you may be saying, “a dean has to dress more formally than that!” Normally I would agree, but the major task today is unpacking, first at the office, and then at my on-campus apartment. So, I shouldn’t wear anything that might get torn while throwing books and boxes around! Additionally, I just have three meetings scheduled, and they are both with people I’ve already met, so I think I can get away with being super casual on day 1…especially since the t-shirt is university-branded. Tomorrow will be the first dress up day.