A couple of days ago The Chronicle of Higher Education printed “The Good Goodbye,” an article about gracefully exiting an institution of higher education when one has accepted a job elsewhere. I’ll have to keep author David Perlmutter’s tips in mind when I return to the University of Minnesota next week for the last time to attend meetings. Most especially, I’ll need to remember that “parting shots reflect badly on you. If you have indeed chafed in your position, leaving is the best revenge. No need to add insults to your escape from injury.” While “chafed” is not the right word for my tenure as a department chair, I did have to make unpopular decisions that upset folks. The vast majority of my experiences were positive, however, so it’s easy for me to implement Perlmutter’s closing piece of advice: “whatever you feel about your present institution, you owe it a professional and minimally painful exit.” Indeed!